Leather Tannery

Visiting suppliers is one of the best parts of being a maker.  Over the years I’ve built some great relationships and being inspired by those I have met through their dedication, knowledge and passion.

A recent visit took me to Devon to the only traditional oak bark tannery in Europe. It was a privilege to spend time understanding and seeing the unique processes that produce this truly beautiful leather.

The time it takes to tan these hides resonated with me. In my own making I know that nothing can be hurried and the journey to crafting handmade pieces is often slow and calming. It takes 14 months to tan the hides and only natural tanning agents of oak bark are used. I also respected the responsible approach to waste, as the leather offcuts are used to make pellets for heat.

I’m looking forward to introducing this leather to my range, it has a real quality and character that can only be achieved through this very hands on traditional process. Long may it last.



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