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My Story

Several years ago, a change of environment inspired a change of career. A move from London to the foothills of the Pennines re-kindled a passion to create and make, using the material that so many of my well-worn and well-used accessories are made from – Leather.


On my journey I have learnt, and am still learning, from some great leatherworkers who share the same ethos of using traditional methods and high quality leathers. I now have my own workshop in Saddleworth where I stay true to my original ethos of making all leather goods by hand, with hand-stitching at the core. Whilst adding a functional benefit of strength, to me there is something calming and zen like about the repetitive nature of stitching and creating something both beautiful and strong from something as simple as a stitch.


My own products combine function and durability and I use each item during the development process, to understand how the leather behaves and to just see if it feels right. If it doesn’t, it gets reworked until it does. I only use high quality leathers and fixings, which I source and select myself. It’s safe to say I have seen every hide in person, which has also helped me build some great personal relationships along the way. The natural beauty of the leathers used ensure each item is individual and over time the leathers will take on unique characteristics of age and wear.

I also share my passion for leatherwork through my teaching, under Diamond Awl Leather Workshop. Students come along to my workshop and choose to make either a small leather good or a bag, over one or two days – learning the same skills and methods I use.

My range is constantly evolving, at my own pace. It is quite instinctive, made by me, for you.


Dedicated to the love of my life Louise x

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